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Papikondalu 1 Day Tour Package
Visiting Places: Pattiseema, Polavaram Project,
GandipochammaTemple, Papikondalu, Perantalapalli.
Kolluru Bamboo Huts 2 days Package
Visiting Places: Pattiseema,Polavaram,Papikondalu
Gandipochamma,Perantalapalli,Pamuleru Water falls.
Bhadrachalam 1 day  Package
Visiting Places: Pattiseema,Polavaram,Papikondalu
Gandhi Posamma, Perantalapalli, Bhadrachalam
Bhadrachalam 2 days  Package
Visiting Places: Gandiposamma, Papikondalu
Bhadrachalam, Parnasala, Dwaraka Tirumala
Maredumilli Tour Package
Visiting Places: Korukonda: Lakshmi Narasimha
Swamy  Seethapalli: ECO Project, Water falls.
Konaseema Tour Package
Visiting Places: Vadapalli: Venkateswara swamy
Ryali: Jaganmohini Kesava swamy, Antharvedhi
Papikondalu resorts 2 Days Package
Visiting Places: Pattiseema,Polavaram,Papikondalu
Gandipochamma, Perantalapalli, Koruturu Cottages
Palavelli Resorts
Visiting Places: Nestled on the banks of the River
Godavari, on its tributary‘Vashista’ at Yalamnachalli
Lanka of West Godavari.
Yanam - One Day package
Visiting Places: Yanam Rajeev Gandhi beach,
Yedurulanka,Masanitippa,Balusutippa Molletimoga
Light House.